Saturday, January 08, 2011

Pretty Paper Pinwheels

{Crepe Paper Pinwheel, 2011}
{Crepe Paper Pinwheel, 2011}
{Crepe Paper Pinwheels, 2011}
I made these paper crafts for a friend's baby shower and saved them after the festivities were done so I could decorate for Valentine's Day. I watched and read about a lot of tutorials on crepe paper crafts and flowers and I didn't find anything that I especially liked. After experimenting with a few ideas of my own, I came up with these little pinwheel shapes by creasing the crepe paper and forming circles. I used a craft punch to make the center shape of the pinwheel and taped them together. Paper crafting is one of my favorite activities and I had fun creating these.

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Claudia said...

I bet the baby shower was fabu! These pinwheels are great and they put me right in the mood for Valentines Day.