Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Crafty Projects: Teacups and Scarves

{Teacup with Pilea Plant, 2011}
{Pilea Plant Care Guide, 2011}
{Teacups with Pilea Plant, 2011}
{Teacup with Pilea Plant, 2011}
I planted several Pilea plants in vintage teacups as Christmas presents for friends this year. Pilea plants have tiny leaves and are really easy to grow. I used a Martha Stewart craft punch to make the rabbit shapes and glued them onto toothpicks (added eyes and rosy cheeks with a marker too!). I made a little care guide to go with the plants, wrapped them up and sent them on their happy little way! The care guide was made using watercolor images that I Photoshopped together. Maybe you'll recognize the imagery from this post!
{Infinity Scarf, 2011}
{Infinity Scarf, 2011}
My other recent project, that I made last night, was an infinity scarf. If you have followed this blog for awhile, you know I dabble in sewing. I really like the satisfaction of making something useful with my own hands. Part of the reason I made this is due to my New Year's resolution. For the year of 2011 I vow to not buy any new clothing. I also started a new blog to chronicle my year of handmade, upcycling and coping with not shopping. (Many of my blog friends don't know this, but I LOVE shopping! This is going to be hard.) If you want to read more about my year without new clothes you can visit it at 7YearsBack. I'll be sharing more writing and projects for handmade living over there. Of course anything creative, such as this infinity scarf, will always have a mention on this blog. Though, probably with less explanation! In general, I like this blog to be less wordy and more image focused.


ShaylaF said...


messyfish said...

Excellent idea with the tea cups! They have become so trendy here that even the thrift shops charge a fortune for them now :-(
I love your challenge. I will go over to your other blog now.

Diana Evans said...

oh my heavens!!! the cute teacups...what a great idea...and I love your new scarf!!! you are so crafty!!!!

Have a wonderful New Year!!!!

Shirley said...

Wonderful, Candace!! So inspired! I think you are so multi-talented...wishing you luck with the no-new-clothes year ahead! : ) Happy New Year to you - it is always a treat to visit here and see your wonderful creations and illustrations. Take care!