Monday, December 20, 2010

Free Holiday Gift Tag Sheet

{Gift Tags, Watercolor and Digital, 2010}
I used a collection of watercolor images and photoshop to create a part of a Christmas gift for my friends, but I can't share that just yet! Until then, I have used that same collection of images and created a gift tag sheet just for you! Just follow the simple instructions below!
For best results:
  1. Click on the image and zoom in.
  2. Either drag to desktop or right click and save.
  3. Print
  4. Cut out and enjoy!


Tracy said...

These are so pretty!

sketched out said...

Gorgeous, Candace! Thanks so much! You're so sweet!

Diana Evans said...

great tags Candace!!!! I love freebies!!!! and when my blogger friends create something it is even more special!!!

Happy holidays!!!!

Loni Edwards said...

Thanks Candace! I will share these on my FB. They are so sweet!

dthaase said...

great idea and wonderfully done