Friday, November 12, 2010

Toy Network Plush Designs

{Monkey Plush, 2010}
{Squid Plush, 2010}
{Ice Cream Bear Plush, 2010}
{Shark Plush, 2010}
Designing plush for Toy Network, LLC is one of my favorite parts of being a freelance illustrator. Once my drawings are sent to China, I usually don't see the finished products unless I check the website or until the next year when I go into the offices to do more drawings. I am just posting a few of my new discoveries here! I usually just post the ones that are my favorites and look the most like my concept drawings. I especially love the squid! I think its quirky and adorable and I am so glad they decided to add it to their plush collection for 2010!


JON said...

They look great!

Fay Akers said...

wow I had some catching up to do. I always smile when I see your work. I can see by your successful as an illustrator.