Monday, November 15, 2010

Illustrating My Name

{Black Prisma and Watercolor, 2010}
{Black Prisma and Watercolor, 2010}
These illustrations were created as examples for the current project I am teaching in my Introduction to Illustration Class at the Des Moines Art Center. Its a really fun project but it also makes you think outside the box and decide how abstract you can make your letters while still making the piece legible. The top piece is garden objects and the second is inspired by different animals (and a ladybug!) Its addicting to turn words into shapes... so beware if you decide to do this project. You may not get anything else done the rest of the day!


Heather said...

so adorable!!!!!

Brine Blank said...

great exercise...I remember seeing lots of samples of this at college but we never were assigned it...I've wanted to introduce it to the students and let them have a go at it but never really put the time to frame it you've done it for me with your samples...thanks ;) (and hope your over the neck finally gave out and I'm running around with an ice pack tied to it with an ACE bandage...I look like a poorly thought out ninja...)