Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Falling Leaves

{Sketch with Digital Color, 2010}
I've been busily working on illustrations for a children's book. Having such a huge amount of work has had the opposite effect that I had anticipated. I have found the more I draw, the more I WANT to draw! In college I would get exhausted from the huge workloads but now that my illustration revolves around publishing for children my enthusiasm has grown! This little sheep is the product of one of my sketchbook ramblings.


Heather said...

very cute illustration. that's wonderful news about your book, you will have to keep us posted....i am with you, i love drawing, wish there were more hours in the day! xo

Annie said...

I completely agree about the school loads and motivation. I got a little burned out and overloaded in school. But now that a lot of the projects I work on are geared towards a specific audience and things i enjoy, it's a lot more fun and exciting!
love this sheepy, don't know why but my favorite part is his nose!

Diana Evans said...

this is so so cute!!! wonderful work Candace!!!