Friday, July 30, 2010

Fairy Princess Doll

{Face Detail, 2010}
{Fabric with Mixed Media, 2010}
{Fabric with Mixed Media, 2010}
{Back, 2010}
I put the finishing touches on this doll that I have been working on between projects all summer. It is hard to get an accurate photo of the proportions because it is such a long doll. My favorite parts of the project are the fabric combinations, mixing paint with sewing and the tiny little sequin details. I showed some preview shots of this doll a few posts back. Tomorrow I will post the finished dog plush that I was working on in the same post.

1 comment:

sara.b said...

She came out gorgeous!!!! I too really enjoy the mix of fabric textures and those wee sequence details. Can't wait to see the pup!

Just beautiful!