Saturday, July 31, 2010

Boston Terrier Painted Plush

{Mixed Media, 2010}
{Detail of Face, 2o10}
{Mixed Media, 2010}
{Mixed Media, 2010}
{Mixed Media, 2010}
As promised in my previous post, this is the other sewing project that I had been working on. The sewing for this piece took one session. Painting, however, took several subsequent sessions! It turned out quirky looking, which was my hope. My parents have always had Boston Terriers and it is such a funny, sweet, silly, little breed. This dog and the fairy princess doll are both off to the Iowa State Fairgrounds today... each toy is hoping for a pretty ribbon!


Brian Cook said...

This thing freaks me out.

Lisa Graves said...

Candace! This is excellent!

Linda Hensley said...

Yes, quirky and really a fun looking puppy :) Thanks for the comment on my site too.

sara.b said...

OMG! Has your dad seen this yet?! Common, you were thinking of giving to him for like Christmas or something riiiiiight? It's A D O R A B L E!