Sunday, January 10, 2010

Three Works in Progress

{Oil on Board, 2010}
{Oil on Board, 2010}
{Oil on Board, 2010}
I have three main illustration paintings going on in my studio right now. These are all photographs of where they are currently at. I need to get the rocking horse piece done first, and I would like to try to finish the other two by the end of the month. (We will see how that works out!) You can see other shots of the rocking horse piece HERE. You can see the girl walking towards home HERE and HERE, and the barbershop quartet HERE.


Loni Edwards said...

Wow Candace! All three are coming along very nicely. Well done!

SonatasWelt said...

I love all your illustrations!!!
They are so nice :)

Aaron Rossell said...

nice work! I especially like the second illustration.