Monday, November 09, 2009

Work in Progress: Winter Scene

{Final Sketch on Illustration Board, 2009}
{Acrylic Layer to Seal Drawing, 2009}
I have a bunch of little things going on in my studio right now, but I have been working on this fairly large (18"x8.5") illustration for a week now. It took awhile to get the drawing right, plus it was a hectic week last week... and the "hectic" wasn't art related, just life. Nothing serious, but it prohibited me from spending much quality time in my studio. More than anything, I'm just glad to be back in my little space working away! I can't wait to get started on the oil portion of this piece and share the progress.


Loni Edwards said...

Candace, this is going to be a beautiful painting! Already, as a sketch it has drawn me in! I can't wait to see the completed piece!

Diana Evans said...

great work Candace!!! I can only imagine how perfect it will be all finished!!!

Claudia said...

Love the perspective! Hey- missed you at the last SCBWI, but know you are keeping busy!