Monday, April 22, 2013

Time Flies!

{Des Moines Women's Club 105th Annual Art Show, 2013}
It's been quite a while since I updated my blog. So many exciting and fun things have happened in the last month or so! I'm just going to make a list of some of the highlights:
  • I finished illustrating my third children's book a few weeks ago! "The Southern Twelve Days of Christmas" should be available sometime this fall. I will, of course, share more details as the time approaches. Doing half the illustrations for the book with a newborn was pretty stressful at times, but thanks to the support of my husband and the ability to ignore the state of my house, I got it done! Now I'm on the prowl for new projects!
  • I entered the 105th Des Moines Women's Club annual art show and won an Honorable Mention in the Professional Category for "The Sky is Falling" which I had painted for a SCBWI contest last year.  It was a wonderful surprise and it always feels really good to be recognized for hard work. Check out the Women's Club Website HERE. The above picture shows Henry and I standing with my piece above me at the reception.
{Iowa SCBWI Illustrators and Senior Art Director Patti Ann Harris, 2013 Conference}
  • The Iowa SCBWI Spring conference was April 12-14. I only attended Friday and Saturday, but I still enjoyed every minute I could be there. There was an illustrator's intensive on Friday and I created a piece just for the conference. I will share it in my next post. I'm pretty happy with my final and consider it a nice addition to my portfolio. My portfolio review with Patti Ann was really awesome and I have a bunch of ideas spinning around in my head! Henry and Ken also joined me and they spent some time exploring the Quad Cities during my classes. 
  • I've been working in my sketchbook quite a bit and will plan to do a separate post dedicated to those new little drawings! Sketchbooks are a way of life, people!


valerie walsh said...

Congratulations on all your lovely projects and your darling Henry! that must make it all the more sweet for you :)

chimes said...

congratulations!! :)

chimes said...

side note, i'm looking at the books and i really wish they would have hired a graphic designer that knew something about typography because the typography in that book ruins the illustrations. well, not the illustrations, but the type ruins the aesthetic that your illustrations should elicit.

also, i know a designer.

Candace Trew Camling said...

ha ha Calee, I know a designer too!