Friday, April 26, 2013

Bathe with an Octopus?

{Watercolor and Gouache, 2013}
In my previous post I mentioned that I would share the illustration that I created for the Iowa SCBWI spring conference illustrator's intensive. We were given a manuscript for a children's book and we asked to choose a scene to illustrate. I chose the octopus scene. We each sent sketches to Senior Art Director at Little Brown and Co.,  Patti Ann Harris, and she responded with comments for each illustrator's piece. This is my original sketch:
{Sketch, 2013}
Patti Ann didn't have a ton of things to change, but there were a few tweaks. Can you see a few differences? At the end of the intensive, we were shown what the actual book looked like. Here is the cover for the book illustrated by Marc Brown of "Arthur" fame.
You can preview the book on Amazon. Its really adorable and fun! The book was done in a cut paper collage technique that is beyond gorgeous! If you ever get a chance to meet Patti Ann Brown, do it! She was so encouraging and more importantly, very intelligent about the industry. Her eye for composition, technique and book flow is impeccable! 


Kristy Guenther said...

What an cool exercise! I really want to try doing that now. Your spread came out great

Cindy Johnson said...

So cute, Candace! You amaze me.

chimes said...

Love this! beautiful work as usual.

Claudia said...

Wonderful and so you! Just occured to me you no have a live-in little boy model to work from! They do come in handy, those babies!