Friday, November 16, 2012

My 29th Birthday!

{Graphite on Illustration Board, 2012}
I like to document my birthday on my blog every year. It shows the passing of time and it's just nice to put it out there and acknowledge it for myself. I didn't have time to do a birthday themed illustration this year. I've been sick this past week as well as being 37 weeks pregnant. I was working on this mouse and tree illustration in the evenings this week though, and I thought I could share it. I meant to submit it to Illustration Friday for last week's theme of "Tree" but didn't finish in time. I still think it turned out nice and I really like some of the textures I managed to create with my pencil. It's about 6"x6" in size on a piece of scrap illustration board I had laying around. This mouse is having a peaceful day, just the kind of day I wish for on my birthday! I am planning on going to a hibachi dinner with friends tonight and maybe I'll even find a piece of cake somewhere along the way!

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