Saturday, November 10, 2012

Derek Anderson at Ames Public Library

 {Derek Drawing a Dragon, 2012}
 {Derek Anderson, 2012}
 {Lots of Books for Sale, 2012}
 {Close up of the Drawing Demo by Derek, 2012}
 {Derek Anderson and I, 2012}
{Drawing on the Library Walls, 2012}
I had the pleasure of going to Ames, Iowa today to hear Author/Illustrator, Derek Anderson, speak. What a sincerely nice and entertaining guy! Judging from today, I am 100% sure he does an amazing school visit! (a talent in its own right) He really connects with the kiddos. He's originally from Ames, so you can tell the area is near and dear to his heart. He spoke about himself as a kid, read from his new book and did a demonstration of a dragon drawing which is a main character in his new book with Jane Yolen, "Waking Dragons". It is a darling story that will be appealing to children and adults. It was fun to hear him talk about some of the hidden things in the illustrations. (I'm keeping that a secret, in case you ever get to spend an afternoon hearing him speak.) Derek was also nice enough to stay after and sign books and meet with a few of us SCBWI-Iowa members and give pointers. I definitely got some golden nuggets of information, which is one of the greatest things about getting to meet favorite authors and illustrators. I've heard he speaks in Ames annually, so I plan to definitely go see him again. Also, in case you are wondering why he's drawing on library walls, the Ames Public Library is renovating, so they permitted some graffiti illustration! When they open back up, I'm sure that probably won't be an approved activity anymore.

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