Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sewing Projects for Baby

{Sewing Projects for Baby, 2012}
{Sewn Bird with a Jingle Bell Inside, 2012}
{House Pillow, Front, 2012}
 {House Pillow, Back, 2012}
Even though I have a huge book project I'm working on right now, I have enjoyed making a few things for the little baby boy growing inside me. I have sewn a few toys that are far from perfect, but I hope that he likes them anyways. The bird and cat toys were quick and easy and I made the patterns from tracing paper. I love to make things that way because you never really know what to expect. Usually I don't work from others' patterns. If anything, I often look at sewing projects to get a little inspiration and then go and do my own thing. The house pillow was fun to make but took several sessions to hand stitch the windows and letters. I thought it would be neat to put the word house on the back for someday when he is learning to read. Who knows, maybe I'll make a few more shape and word pillows. I'm also making a little quilt that I will share once its finished. And I  have a few drawing projects that are separate from my book project that I will share soon! It has been a very busy 2012 autumn so far!


Claudia said...

Your little fabric pieces are awesome. That baby is the luckiest...

I also wanted to comment on your bat post. Loved it. I too, am such a nature lover and think bats are adorable. I am charmed by nature parent tid bits, like what you discovered about parents following their wayward young. That coudl be a such a neat picture book story, Ms Illustration- move over Stellaluna! Candace's bats are flying high!

For my Woodland book, I did research at the UI Natural History museum and looked perserved bat "specimens" up close for one of the spreads. Confirmed cuteness.

Hope you are feeling well! Home stretch! XC

Candace Trew Camling said...

Aw thanks Claudia! I love nature tidbits too! Perhaps I do smell a new PB manuscript in the future! Hope to see you this weekend at the conference!