Monday, August 27, 2012

When you go on vacation, bats move in!

{Watercolor, 2012}
My husband and I left for vacation a little over a week ago (and had a great time, I might add!) We departed to Michigan for my brother-in-law's beautiful wedding and then headed up north to visit the Traverse City area. It was a peaceful week and we did quite a bit for only one week. As we were driving home to Iowa, I noticed that my neighbor had sent me a text that a bat had been dive bombing her as she was feeding our pets! I was surprised to hear that because we have never had issues with bats before. When we finally made it home, it was still light out (just barely) and we searched the house. Finally, we found a little brown bat stuck in a bucket in the basement. After a little research, I found out that bats can't fly up and out of things. They need a little loft for coasting. We brought the bucket outside and carefully lifted him onto a tree where he promptly climbed up and flew away. We thought that was the end of our adventure with bats. Wrong. (side note, little brown bats are really really cute!!!) Later that night, as we were nodding off to sleep I awoke to a very distinct sound of flapping. I nudged my husband and sure enough, we had another little brown bat visiting. This time, he was flying freely in the house. (just like my neighbor had described.) Getting this little guy (who was slightly bigger than the other) out was a little more work. My husband held out a towel and the bat would swoop around, presumably trying to find a way out. He landed a few times, hanging from the ceiling, which let us have a bit of a look at his little face and structure. After several tries, the bat crawled to the towel, my husband lowered it to the door and the bat flew away, probably really hungry and ready to eat some delicious insects. I did a little more research about bats because I worried we might have a real problem on our hands. (we haven't had any more bats) It turns out, sometimes a young bat is learning to fly, gets into a place they can't get out of, and then the parent follows them to make sure they are alright. (how sweet is that?) I think that may have been the issue here. Either way, we were glad to get both bats out safely. My husband and I are pretty big animal lovers and even if its an animal that is a little creepy, we want it to be happy, healthy and safe. I know a lot about little brown bats now, so of course, I wanted to paint my own version of one. I think the real ones are cuter! So small and innocent looking!


chimes said...

omg i love that you watercolored the bat. so awesome. :)

Steph A said...

Cute drawing & sweet story! Poor little bats are so misunderstood.

Candace Trew Camling said...

thanks guys! I love the little bats... as long as they are out in their habitat, not in my home!