Saturday, January 28, 2012

Valentine Animal Babies

{Watercolor, 2012}
{Watercolor, 2012}
I couldn't sleep-in this morning, even though it's Saturday. I got up, made some coffee, and decided to play with my watercolors. All the stores have Valentine's Day stuff out, so it makes sense that when I sat down to draw and paint, I decided to make everything pink, purple and red. Anyways, these two illustrations are what I came up with. I wish pink fawns with heart markings really existed. I also wish bears wore suspenders in the wild.

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Annika said...

Hey! You have a blog, too! Sorry for stalking you, I ended up here through Instagram (I'm 'allthelivelongday') and I always like finding new fun things to look at on the internet! :o)

Your illustrations are really cute, I especially like your watercolours.