Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Art Imitates Craft

{Mixed Media Handmade Card with Tatting, 2011}
{Collage and Ink in Sketchbook, 2011}
I've been taking a tatting class at the Des Moines Art Center for the past few weeks. I'm finding that I like the patterns that lace-making inspires. The above image was our first real project with finished examples of tatting. They are little floral rings that I glued to a card. I also added some subtle acrylic details in white. The second image was partially inspired by tatting, but also all of the Indian designs I have been looking at. My dear friend is getting married and since she is Indian, her wedding will also be. Its such a colorful culture and I love looking at all the intricacies in the patterns of fabric, jewelry, paper products and just about everywhere else! The truth is, I usually don't notice how things inspire me until they are done. Then, when I see them side by side, it becomes apparent! I'll be sure to share some more tatting projects if I manage to finish some larger ones.

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