Thursday, September 29, 2011

Artprize 2011

{Artprize at the Grand Rapids Art Museum, Instagram for iPhone, 2011}
{Sand Artist at Artprize, Instagram for iPhone, 2011}
{News Anchor Susan Shaw Broadcasting from Artprize, Instagram for iPhone, 2011}
For the past three years, my hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan has hosted a very unique art experience called Artprize. You can learn more about it here: (if you want to know the particulars or possibly participate.) I've serendipitously been able to attend each year so far and as it becomes more popular, the artists have come from further and further away. My favorite thing about Artprize is the way it brings lots of different types of art to self described "non-art-people". Its magnificent! Oh! And I have really been enjoying using my new iPhone! What took me so long?! Its great! I especially love the Instagram app because it makes photos look more like memories. If you are using Instagram, find me as candacecamling.

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