Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oliver Makes a Cameo Appearance

{Oil on Gessoed Paper, 2011}
I'm hard at work on illustrations for my second book. In one of the illustrations, the main character is sitting on her bed and the art director suggested that she have a little pal to comfort her. I decided to draw a cat in. As I was painting I decided to make the markings like Oliver (one of my beloved and naughty tabbies). Voila! Oliver makes a cameo appearance in the story. Of course, in order to get Oliver to sign the release papers and consent to the use of his likeness, my husband and I stretched the truth and told him the entire story was about him. Little white lies folks, little white lies!
{Oliver, 2011}

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Fay Akers said...

Oliver has such wonderful markings, he is a great model. Tell him I think he is handsome.