Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Juice Magazine Feature Article

{Screenshot of online version of article, Written by Joe Lawler, Photos by Eric Rowley}
Read the whole article HERE!
*article correction: I am from Grand Rapids, Michigan and worked in Cleveland, Ohio*
{Photo Credit: Eric Rowley for Juice Magazine © 2011}
{Photo Credit: Eric Rowley for Juice Magazine © 2011}
A little over a month ago I was contacted by Joe Lawler at Juice Magazine (which is a free weekly magazine targeted at young professionals in Des Moines). Joe Lawler and Eric Rowley came over to my house to interview me and take a few pictures. It was really fun and Joe and Eric were both really nice. The world of a freelance artist is pretty lonely so its always fun when someone wants to chat. Its even more fun when they want to talk about something your passionate about! The printed copies will be available tomorrow and I plan to pick up a few copies to send to my family and a few to keep for myself. A huge and grateful thanks to Joe and Eric for the article!

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