Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Mixed Media Meanderings

{First Page, Magazine Clippings, Prayer Card and Ink, 2011}
{Organized Rabbits, Decorative Paper and Marker, 2011}
{Organized Seed Packet Information, Marker and Ink, 2011}
{Garden Plan, Colored Pencil and Ink, 2011}
I bought a mixed media journal the other day so that I could get out some of the junk thats been floating around in my head. My book projects are very calculated and predictable, which isn't a problem but sometimes I like to sit down and create without knowing where something will go. I also like to make lists, organize things and record ideas for later. This Strathmore Mixed Media Visual Journal is satisfying that need. I get in a little time before I start my work day and a little before bed. Its also nice to finish something in one day. Most of the things I have going on in my professional life take several days so the sense of finishing a page is really fulfilling. I'm also really excited to start thinking about gardening again!


Fay Akers said...

what a wonderful idea. Glad you found something that works for you.

Vicki Smith said...

The combination of sketches and handwriting looks great. It is fun to explore without a specific goal in mind.