Monday, February 21, 2011

Recent Happenings

{DaVinci Exhibit, Science Center of Iowa, 2011}
I don't have any artwork to share in this post, even though my studio is full of new art right now. I look forward to being able to show a few pieces later, but for now I offer a photo of me as the Mona Lisa!
Here is what is going on in my art life right now:
1. I finished my 9th illustration for the book I am working on. That puts me at the halfway point! 9 more to go and then I can ship them off to the publisher!
2. I just signed up to attend the 2011 Iowa SCBWI conference. I am looking forward to seeing friends made at previous conferences and making new friends! Also, excited about a portfolio review and great information.
3. I just sent sketches to my other publisher for my second children's book and should get edits back sometime this week.
I'm busy as busy can be, but enjoying the process and seeing a lot of improvement in my illustration and book spread composition skills.

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Brine Blank said...

Awesomeness!!! Glad to hear of the continued success...