Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Sweet Baby Commission

{Oil on Canvases, 2010}
{Oil on Canvases, 2010}
{Olivia with her daddy, Mao, 2009}
These are a few progress shots of a commission I am doing for a friend's baby room. I'll post them again as soon as they are completely done. I plan to stick with a mostly blue and brown palette, which is the color of her room. Olivia, is around 8 months old and is a real cutie! My husband and I really value the time we get to spend with Olivia and her parents (Anne and Mao). They are a sweet family and really fun to be around.


Lisa M Griffin said...

Candace, how totally charming. What a lovely gift for a lovely little girl. Thanks for sharing.

grandgardener said...

How cute! Great job!