Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Crafts 2009: Handmade Cards

{Handmade Cards, 2009}
{Handmade Cards, 2009}
{Details, 2009}
I finished my Christmas cards and they have been sent off to different parts of the country. It is the only time of year that I get a chance to go through my entire address book and send off a little holiday joy to people I have known throughout my life. I think that is why making a handmade card is so important to me. I don't really send birthday cards and I don't send much for other holidays either, so I want the one thing that I do send each year to be special. I used my embellishments from THIS post and cut strips of matching decorative paper to decorate the hand cut bright white cardstock card. Each year I enjoy coming up with a new design and this year was no exception! I also posted my 2008 cards last year if you want to check those out.


sara b. said...

I really love mine and feel so special to have received one. :)

Eric Barclay said...

Really nice work!

Susan Beth Studio said...

You are dedicated! Love the 3D details, beautiful!