Friday, December 12, 2008

Warm Hands, Warm Heart Cards

{Holiday 2008 Cards}
{Detail, 2008}
{Deluxe Cards, 2008}
The cards are done for another year. Now I just have to write, address and stamp all 60. They were really fun to make and I was completely in "the zone" while I was creating. I also made 4 deluxe extras to sell as a set in my Etsy store.
*sorry to any friends / family that see this before they get theirs in the mail!! I couldn't wait to post them!


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi candace!
oh i love your cards! they are wonderful!
did you get my email yesterday? just let me know if the pictures did not come through. i will send them again.

Carli said...

THey look great. I showed mason your little orange kitty. He loved it. let me know if it makes it's way into your etsy shop

Diana Evans said...

great work Candace!!! It's so much fun to create special handmade cards....

Have a wonderful weekend...


Kelly B. said...

Perfection! I love them. They are little unique gems! Fantastic work.

Kate said...

Wow, they turned out so cute!

Roberta said...

They did turn out cute! 60!!!