Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Scuba Kitty

{Oil on Canvas, 2009}
Remember waaaay back when I did the free painting giveaway on my blog for my 300th post? Well, the winner was Margaret, who heard about it via Twitter, and she requested a scuba kitty painting. (yeah, yeah, it's a little random, but it has personal meaning for her, and it was SO fun to create!) Anyways, she wanted an orange cat and that was the only detailed request other than the subject matter. (which is how most artists work best... little guidelines.) I hope she likes it! I think I will be doing something similar for my 400th blog post too, so look for that in the fairly near future. Also, speaking of twitter, I changed my name from @pinwheelart to @candacecamling if you want to follow me there!


Margaret said...

I am the luckiest person ever!

Thank you so much for the wonderful painting! She is lovely, and I am honored.

bawww little pink nose.... cute little rosy cheeks. eeee! SO PERFECT!

You did a masterful job creating her!
Thank you!!

piticu said...

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