Sunday, November 01, 2009

More Halloween Pictures!

{Pumpkins lit up, 2009}
{Costumes, 2009}
{Finished Makeup, 2009}
{Ken's Wonderful Costume, 2009}
I know this is generally an illustration blog, but I can't help but share more of our Halloween happenings! We spent so much creative energy on our pumpkins and Ken's costume that I think its totally legit to share it here! Ken came up with the idea of a Lego man costume. He did a scale drawing in AutoCAD and started to build the costume using cardboard and tons of other mundane materials. When he got to the final stages I helped sand parts of the costume and I painted the torso and areas of the face. The final product turned out fabulous and even won him $500 at a local radio/casino costume contest! I loved working on the project with him too. Its always such a wonderful bonding experience to work together on something creative... especially when the hard work pays off! (literally!) Hope everyone out there had a safe and happy Halloween!


ErinFromIowa said...

I saw on Twitter that your husband had won a contest. After seeing the pictures he deserved to win for sure!
Your costume is adorable. My middle daughter and her boyfriend stopped by to show me their costumes. They went as a white trash couple. They were so authentic (he even had a fake mullet and mustache) it made me nervous thinking that could have been what she HAD brought home for a fella! They took picture so if I can get my hands on one I will Twitter it...if I can figure out how to do that.

Candace Trew Camling said...

Please do! I would love to see it! I did see one "white trash" couple costume... and an Eastsider (des moines) costume that was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

oh i love your kitty-cat costume and lego man. your make-up looks super good too.

Kelli B said...

I enjoy the larger pumpkin eating the smaller one. Funny! Looks like you guys had fun :)