Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009!

{Digital Mixed Media, 2oo9}
{Oliver's Costume, 2009}
{Our Pumpkins, 2009}
{Close up of my Pumpkin, 2009}
{Close up of my Husband's Pumpkin, 2009}
{Oliver Helping, 2009}
I hope everyone has a wonderfully spooky Halloween! The pictures above are a sampling of how we get into the Halloween spirit here at the Camling household! As you can see, Oliver is a big part of it! I don't think he really appreciates the costume, but he was ALL ABOUT helping carve the pumpkins! Can't wait to post some costume pictures later. (not so much mine, but the costume my husband and I worked on for him!) Can you believe tomorrow is already November?!


Diana Evans said...

oh what fun Candace!!! these shots are awesome!!! looks like a wonderful Halloween!!!

Workhorse said...

can't wait for that marv