Saturday, November 08, 2008

Mark Your Calendar!

It snowed yesterday so I feel like it is alright to post a drawing of a snowman. I love the first snow!!

On NOVEMBER 17, 2008 my etsy shop will have a brand new batch of Christmas Ornaments!
As of right now, my shop has an odd array of illustration prints and felt goodies, but soon it will be full of Wintry cheer! I have already added a new Holiday banner and I am working with all sorts of materials for my ornaments: felt, paper, buttons, thread, illustration, stamping...the list goes on!


Roberta said...

This is really cute. Good luck with your Holiday sales!

Lisa M Griffin said...

Wow! You had your first touch of snow!?! I am hoping that we have a few more weeks left of nice weather before the snow kicks in here. =)
Can't wait to check out your etsy shop and ornaments. I have been busy working on items for my new etsy shop as well, it is certainly addicting. =)
Have a good weekend.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi candace!
oh i cannot wait to see all of your ornaments!
yay! snow! i hope we get some this week!

beth brettell said...

cute!! thanks for adding me to your links... i need to update mine and do the same. hope your etsy shop is going well, just started mine but it's kinda slow.

Flor Larios Art said...

OH! I love this one, very cute!