Thursday, November 06, 2008

Figure Painting Class

The pictures above are of my second painting for figure class at the Des Moines Art Center. I added two pictures because the top one shows the composition and the bottom one has a better representation of the colors. Yellow light casts can really do things to the colors!!
These are graphite studies in my sketchbook with some watercolor. This will be our model for the next oil painting sessions at the Des Moines Art Center. The first two are the ones I spent the most time on. The third study I spent 15 minutes, so it looks a little more loose and the lines are less detailed.

Cindy DiBlasi has given me this blog award! So here are the rules:
1. Must display award.
2. Must link back to the person who gave it.
3. Choose 7 other bloggers to pass the bloggity love onto.
4. Let them know they have been chosen.

Here are my choices:

Alright, now I am back to my crazy "list of things I cannot accomplish in one day but seem to expect of myself anyways"!! Wish me luck!


Cindy DiBlasi said...

Great figure paintings Candace! I really miss taking a painting class, it's so invigorating.
And yes, I have a whole laundry list of things I need to accomplish for at least work due by Monday. Ads ads and more ads. I should post some of them. I had to do an illo for myself for IF or else I would have gone crazy!!!
Good luck girly!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi candace!
oh i love all of your studies. your class is so cool. your work is amazing. the human body is so hard to capture. i think dogs are easier for me. :)
thank you so much for the award. you made my day!

Edrian Thomidis said...

You are so incredibly talented! Truly amazing work! Thanks for sharing!

Workhorse said...

i feel you on making waaay to much stuff to do in one day expectations. congrats on the blog and your life drawing stuff is lookin HECKA sick - i'm lovin the skin tones you got with the water color pieces.

where's my marv?

Diana Evans said...

HI Candace...great work...I have never really been into're doing a great job!!!
Hey what happened to all those cards you were making each day?

Brian Cook said...

It's gonna take you a long time to finish that animation if you do each fram by hand like that.

Lisa M Griffin said...

Hi Candace!
Your figure drawings are wonderful... wonderful use of color which really adds to the dimension and feel of your model. It seems like you are really enjoying this class. Thank you as well for the Blog Award! It is such a compliment to receive one from an artist that I admire as well.
Have a good weekend.

Kate said...

Very very nice Candace. I really admire your fine art as well as the children's illustrations. I'd love to find the time for a figure drawing class...

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

They are wonderful Candace!! Really beautiful work.

Digital Scott's Illustrationblog said...

Very nice work! Though everything I click on tonight seems to feature nipples.

Honor Bowden said...

Hey Candace, thanks for the award. Your figures are just beautiful! talented!!!!

soulbrush said...

these are absolutely excellent.

Gaia said...

Thank you so much for the award Candace! Your work is great and I love the new wintery banner!!!