Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A little handmade ornament

I made this tonight. I wanted to experiment with hand sewing and designing on the fly. I think I want to work on this a little more, but for a first attempt, it turned out pretty cute. I like the naivety of the hand sewn work. The ric rac handle is a little off center, so when it hangs, the deer's head looks like its cocked..one of my favorite things that little animals do. (All of you dog owners out there know what I'm talking about!)

We have frequent deer visitors in our back yard, so I just can't stop thinking about them. Sure, they eat my flowers, but they are just so darn cute!


mauricio salmon said...

ha! this is so cool candace.

teenie said...

So cute, Love your work.
How is Etsy working for you?