Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ice Skaters!

Some of my best childhood memories were skating on the home made ice rink behind my house with the neighbor kids. We would rush home from school and put on our skates and pretend we were our favorite figure skaters or hockey players. I wanted to be just like the girls in the Olympics. We would twirl and fall, but in our minds we were absolute stars!

The presents below were a watercolor exercise for myself. I wanted to try them out again because I usually use oils...not to say I have never used watercolor. I just wanted to get back to them. I like them, and I think I may use this for my Christmas card this year...or something similar, but digital.


mauricio salmon said...

i think that watercolor peice would work fine. i dont see the need to go digital, unless you want to add to it. it's good seeing all this work from you. thank you!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh I love this Candace!
We always had a rink in our back yard too! And my dad got a whole barrell full of skates in all sizes at an everyone could join us! So many great memories!