Saturday, May 24, 2014

Bootcamp Project for May: Editorial Illustration

{Graphite Drawing with Digital Collage, 2014}
After having April off from "Make Art That Sells" (an e-course from Lilla Rogers' Studio) the class was back in full force with a project for editorial illustration. We were asked to create a piece of art in response to an article about meditation. The article was about the benefits of meditation but also about how the author found a lot of convincing excuses not to do it. (things like being busy, a wandering mind, etc.) I chose to focus on the inability to concentrate because I struggle with that also! Above is the finished piece. I used a lot of scanned textures and some ink drawings that are left over from previous projects. 
{Graphite Drawing, 2014}

This is the drawing I started with by scanning it into Photoshop and painting it. The thing I love most about the Lilla Rogers' class is that it makes you think about how you create your art in a different light. It also makes you fall back in love with the process which helps create a more successful end product. There are also tons of hints about marketability! 

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