Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tomie de Paola 2013 Illustrator's Contest

 {Acrylic and Digital, 2013}
This is my entry for the 2013 Tomie de Paola illustration contest. The prompt this year was a simple poem that was fairly difficult to illustrate. The text is from a poetry book that was written by Lin Oliver and illustrated by Tomie de Paola. It read, "A sneeze is a breeze in your nose." The target age is for babies age 2 and under. I wanted to create something that was dreamy and imaginative but also clearly illustrate a sneeze and a breeze. You can read the whole prompt HERE. The prize is a trip to the winter SCBWI conference in New York City and a special lunch with Tomie de Paola himself!


Shirley said...

Adorable, clever, and so beautifully illustrated Candace! Wishing you best of luck..excellent entry! :) Happy holidays to you!

Anonymous said...

This one is clever! I love it! I have a lot to learn about acrylic. My entry was in watercolor. I didn't notice the clouds at first but I'm glad I did because it makes the piece stand out. :) Are you on twitter?