Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Business Cards

{Business Cards, 2012}
{Business Cards, 2012}
My new business cards arrived today. They are nice and glossy and I liked the idea of having a small teaser image to show what my style looks like. Sometimes it's easier to show someone how you paint rather than trying to explain it. Last time I ordered business cards I ordered 1000. This time I only ordered 500 because I enjoyed doing the mini painting so much! When I run out of these I will probably do another small painting and go with a similar layout.


nasii said...

Lovely cards!

Dylan May said...

The glossy paper you used for your business cards will surely give you an edge over your competitors. It allows for a sharper look and more detailed contact information. That's a nice start to the new year! :)

Waseem said...

The paper you use for this design is actually responsible for the edge..i might use it when design Metal business cards.