Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Illustration Friday - Highlight

{Graphite in Sketchbook, 2012}
"They were each the highlight of the other's day."
The love of my sweet kitties is one of the biggest highlights of my life. I adore their little furry bodies and their soft purrs. I even delight in their naughty behavior. (Shhh! don't tell them that!) I think a lot of people count on the unconditional love of their pets in such a conditional world! I am planning on trying to do illustration Friday a little more frequently this year. I would like to try and do it every week with a few exceptions of holiday times and vacations. ( I believe rest is important too!) Last year it didn't work out very well, as I was working on two children's books simultaneously! I would love to have to juggle such a workload again, but for now I don't have any long-term contracts. In the meantime, and in this wonderful new year I have made a short list of things that I would like to try to accomplish:
  • Create my own dummy book for the Iowa SCBWI April conference
  • Re-design my business cards
  • Do at least 3 promotional mailers (4 would be ideal)
  • Go on at least one sketch "field-trip" per month
  • Participate in Illustration Friday more frequently
  • Craft, Sew and Experiment More!
What are you planning for 2012? What are your goals? Dream big!


Karen Sagovac said...

Yep my daughter thinks exactly the same way about her dog! Love, love, loves her. Cute drawing... :)

Curious Art said...

Ah yes, I'm a cat person too. And I have made an IF resolution as well (among too many others, I fear!)

Happy & productive New Year's wishes to you!

Rob Colvin said...

Excellent drawing! Love your style!

Scott said...

Great drawing. Good luck with all of your goals.

Sarah Melling said...

Thanks for stopping by! I love your drawing and look firward to seeing you frequently on IF this year!