Friday, December 16, 2011

Chicken Licken for Competition

{Oil on Board, 2011}
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Chicken Licken excerpt by P.C. Asbjörnsen

So they went along and went along until they met Turkey Lurkey
“Good morning, Goosey Loosey, Ducky Daddles, Cocky Locky, Henny Penny,
and Chicken Licken,” said Turkey Lurkey, “where are you going?”
“Oh, Turkey Lurkey, the sky is falling and we are going to tell the King!”
“How do you know the sky is falling?” asked Turkey Lurkey.
“Ducky Daddles told me,” said Goosey Loosey.
“Cocky Locky told me,” said Ducky Daddles.
“Henny Penny told me,” said Cocky Locky.
“Chicken Licken told me,” said Henny Penny
“I saw it with my own eyes, I heard it with my own ears,
and a piece of it fell on my tail!” said Chicken Licken.
“Then I will go with you,” said Turkey Lurkey, “and we will tell the King!”

I decided to try my hand at the SCBWI illustration challenge that was initiated by illustrator Tomie dePaola. Regardless of the results, I am really glad I participated because I think I ended up with a nice new portfolio piece. The above text is the excerpt that participants were given to inspire an image. Best of luck to all of my fellow participants! It will be fun to see who Tomie picks!


flow said...

I Love this piece. Great work. The perspective is amazing and I also love the Acorn necklace! Superb. :-D

Angela said...

This is really great! Love colors and composition