Monday, December 05, 2011

Beaverdale Books Signing

{Photo by Gail George, 2011}
With Friends
{Photo by Gail George, 2011}
With my husband, Ken
{Photo by Gail George, 2011}
Signing books!
Last Saturday I got to hang out at Beaverdale Books and sign my two Christmas books during the annual Beaverdale Shop Hop. It was really cool to be able to do my first book signing in my own little neighborhood within Des Moines! I managed to sign a lot of books and it was great to see everyone! Thanks to all the friends that came out to support me! You guys made the night!


Alice said...

Candace, it was great to have you here and see so many folks come out and support you! I'm sure you found many new readers as well and we'll be seeing a lot more of your work! Thanks for helping to make the Shop Hop a success!

Alice Meyer, Beaverdale Books

JON said...

So cool! Congrats on your book signing!