Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Today's Special Delivery

{"Santa's Secret Story" Books, 2011}
{"Santa's Secret Story" Books, 2011}
{Binding Detail, 2011}
I was sitting on my front porch talking to my dad today when the UPS truck pulled up. Every time I see a UPS truck in the neighborhood, I am secretly hoping to receive a box of my books. Well, today was the day for "Santa's Secret Story" published by Pauline Books and Media. I immediately opened the box and held it up to show the delivery man (who was far less excited than I). He shrugged and managed a lackluster "wow" as he walked back to his truck. My neighbor pulled up a few seconds later and was a much better partner to share the excitement with! She and I leafed through the shiny new books. What an excellent day! Holding a book in your hands is a wonderful feeling. Holding a book that you helped to create is downright magical!


Diana Evans said...

Congratulations Candace!!!! this is gorgeous!!!!

Claudia said...

They ARE out! Excellent! Congrats and enjoy! Can't wait to see them.

Matthew Gauvin said...

That's awesome! I can completely relate! Whenever I'm expecting a new book to arrive I have been known to turn thje car around adn start following UPS trucks if they are headed back towards my house. I did that once and in fact it was my book! I showed it to the driver just like yourself and was also met with a half hearted word of approval.LOL
I'm shocked to find out that Paulien books and media publishes children's books. I had no idea. Aren't they the ones in Boston?Must be a new thing. Looks like great quality!

Candace Trew Camling said...

Pauline Kids is fairly new. They ARE in Boston! They were wonderful to work with. Glad to know that I'm not the only one who has had the lackluster response from Mr. UPS.

Matthew Gauvin said...

Cool! I contacted them once a few years back and I think at the time they didn't do kids books. Glad they are now as I'm sure they are filling avoid in children's publishing that has been needed for some time.