Thursday, April 21, 2011

ESPN Magazine Photo Shoot

{Photo Credit: Kevin J. Miyazaki, Whiteboard Drawings: Candace Camling, 2011}
Click image for larger view.
I was contacted in early March by ESPN Magazine. They were looking for someone to draw some simple whiteboard images for a story about Drake University. You can read the story behind the boys' feature in ESPN Mag HERE. I had a great day working with photographer Kevin Miyazaki and his assistants. The photo-shoot went well and I think the picture turned out great. I am a little sad I missed the newsstand version, but was glad that I looked and found it online too! A Day like this is the kind of day that make me love being an illustrator. You never know when you are going to get a call that lands you in a different world. Imagine me, in my little purple flowered shirt and cardigan, shaking hands with a sea of the tallest and biggest group of young men I have ever seen in real life. They were just as excited as I was!


Claudia said...

This is a great assignment! Post a finished illustration of the story if you can sometime.

Brian Cook said...

That is the most random job! :) Fun stuff.