Thursday, December 09, 2010

A Snowman and an Artwork Sale

{Sketchbook with Digital Color, 2010}
Even though we haven't had our first real snow yet this year (very unusual!), I am starting to get into the spirit of winter and the holidays. Every year I get an itch to draw a snowman... maybe its because I don't get outside and make one anymore. When I was a kid, that was one of those things you just had to do! Who knows, maybe I will do it this year!
{Etsy Banner, Click to Visit, 2010}
I also wanted to share that a bit later today I will be updating my Etsy shop with several illustrations that I no longer have room for. Our house is quite small and its actually a bit painful to get rid of some of my more favorite pieces! I plan to price them reasonably so that they will *hopefully* sell. There will be watercolors, oils and drawings. If you are looking for a Christmas gift or a piece of art for a nook in your home that needs a lil' something, please visit my shop!

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