Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween! 2010

{Candy Corn Costume, 2010}
Photo Credit: Metromix Des Moines
{Lego Man Costume, 2010}
Photo Credit: Metromix Des Moines
{Carved Pumpkins, 2010}
We always have fun making costumes. This year I sewed a candy corn costume using fleece and my husband, Ken, revamped his Lego costume from last year. To be fair, he was working on it until the last minute last year and only got to wear it to one party. This year he wore it all around Des Moines and got lots of laughs, smiles and nostalgic 20/30-somethings! In fact, he is in the running to win a local costume contest so I am going to shamelessly plug him! If you are so inclined, please vote for him until November 5, 2010 at THIS LINK. We would really appreciate it!


Steph A said...

Wow - nicely done! :D

Kelly L said...

I love love love your costumes! I saw your pictures on the Metromix site... I didn't realize Ken was the Lego Man though. Very cool!