Thursday, October 07, 2010

Halloween Digital Sketches

{Sketch with Digital Color, 2010}
{Sketch with Digital Color, 2010}
I always look forward to the spookiness of the Halloween season. I love that the movie channels on TV play scary movies and that the stores are full of costumes, candy and decorations. I also love the colors that this time of year brings. All of the decorations have been put up around the house and the magazines are full of pages of pumpkin colored decor, recipes and clothing. I thought I would add a little of that same flair to my blog and work on a few spot illustrations to share! What is your favorite thing about Halloween?


A.R. Keithley said...

Love the sketches Candace, especially the spider! Your blog always lifts my spirits - this month has been a challenging one. My favorite part of Halloween is seeing the adorable costumes the kids are wearing. It always reminds me of the year I dressed up as a kitty cat, but everyone thought I was an Ewok. Great work!

Claudia said...

I just opened my new SCBWI bulletin and saw all your great spot art! I LOVE the fairy reading to the lady bug audience! Great stuff-