Friday, October 01, 2010

Beach Porcelain Shadowbox Project

{Mixed Media Assemblage, 2010}
{Detail, Mixed Media Assemblage, 2010}
{Mixed Media Assemblage, 2010}
In my attempts to clean my studio today, I happened upon a shadow box that I bought a few months ago on a thrifting trip. I got the urge to give it new life with some scrapbooking papers and some tiny treasures. One of my favorite things to do is beach comb and when I get near the lake or ocean, I can't help myself. The treasures I chose to fill my shadowbox with were an assortment of porcelain pieces that had washed ashore. Its always interesting to think about all the places and people those pieces were with before they came to me. To add a little extra charm I also added a few plastic farm animal toys!
{Photography, 2010}
Also, is anyone else just TOO EXCITED that the leaves are starting to crunch beneath their feet again? Come visit me again tomorrow and I promise to share a drawing! I know its been pretty craft/mixed media heavy around this blog lately, but I am still an illustrator to the core! However, I think its important to stay creative in all aspects of life and I try to fill my soul with inspiration wherever and whenever possible! (which is why I have been sharing these other projects.)
EDIT: I promise to have some drawings later this week. I have been a little under the weather this weekend.


sara.b said...

Candace, these mixed media projects are incredibly darling and lovely! I'm so happy you have been sharing them. And yes, I was just thinking on my drive home how AWESOME this weather is, and how wonderful it is when the wind blows all you hear are leaves. Greatest time of the year!

tera said...

What a great shadowbox! I love art in bits and pieces! :)

kathy hare said...

Ooh I love collections of things! :)

The Mosaic Garden said...

I love your shadowbox projects, I too can spend hours on the beach collecting bits of washed up glass and porcelain - I never get bored of it!