Thursday, September 02, 2010

From My Garden

{Watercolor, 2010}
I planted my vegetable garden pretty late this year. Due to the heavy rains where I live in Iowa, I kind of lucked out because most people I know had a hard time with seeds washing away and too much water killing plants. As a result of my late planting, I am starting to pick my first tomatoes, even though most people in this zone (zone 4) would be almost done with them. When I went to pick my Speckled Roman tomato this morning it was so pretty I knew I would be drawing it. The color and shape of the Speckled Roman is just beautiful and it is supposed to taste similar to a Roma tomato since that is one of the species that were cross bred to create it. This was my first year growing the Speckled Roman. The other tomatoes are Yellow Pears and they taste like veggie-fruity-awesomeness. This was my second year growing Yellow Pears and each plant yields tons of fruit (I even grow organically and with no pest protection)! The air has cooled off here so I spent the afternoon drinking tea and painting this in my Moleskine watercolor sketchbook.

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Steph A said...

Sounds like a perfect afternoon. :) I love photographing produce for some reason. Fruits & veggies are so pretty!