Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Raku Vase Project

{Detail of Face, 2010}
{Back Detail, 2010}
{Front, 2010}
{Side, 2010}
{Back Detail, 2010}
{Inside, 2010}
This is the finished version of THIS. It is a Raku fired nonfunctional vase. Due to being fired with unstable glazes it is not food safe and cannot hold water, but I really love the look of Raku glazes. Raku firing creates fairly unpredictable results so its really fun to see what it looks like when it has been fired. I used a white crackle glaze for the face and interior and a metallic glaze for the hair. I plan on taking another ceramics class in the future so that I can continue to explore sculpture and glazing techniques.

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