Friday, April 09, 2010

Second 2010 Promotional Postcard

{Postcard, 2010}
{Postcard Front, 2010}
{Postcard Back, 2010}
I received my postcards from Overnight Prints*today. This is my second postcard for 2010. I just sent some out in February so I will probably wait until May to send them out. I am really pleased, once again, with the quality for the price.
*I am not sponsored by Overnight prints... I just really like them!


Lisa M Griffin said...

good way to keep up a presence with these lively postcards. hope that they bring in some good leads. thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.


fabulous postcards....really, really cute!! (I am awaiting mine from Overnight Prints too. :)

Elena said...

Hi Candace!
A question for you....should an artist definitely have a website before sending out promotional postcards such as these? I currently have my blog and Etsy site where you can see most of my work but don't have a website. Should I wait and get on that? I'm thinking of changing my blog so that it has a main page that is just my portfolio....any advice would be appreciated. I love your work!!!

Candace Trew Camling said...

I think you can send out postcards for your blog! I update my blog more than anything else, so I always try to direct people towards that too! I say go for it!

Mary Lou said...

I really like your postcard. I googled ideas and it lead me to you. Good luck with your promo. I will check out the link to overnight prints. Thanks for sharing thoughts and ideas!