Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Promise of Spring!

{Watercolor, 2010}
Last night I wandered around the front yard garden and sketched some of the flowers that are blooming. I also did some small drawings of the little comforts that we offer in order to attract birds (and by birds I also mean: squirrels, raccoons, feral cats and chipmunks.) I really love our yard, and this time of year it is hard to sit in my studio and work when all I want to do is dig in the dirt and monitor the progression and growth of my plants. I am especially in awe of God's great work during this time of year! Below are some pictures I took while I was outside last night.
{Adder's-Tongues, 2010}
These lovely little bulbs multiply like crazy. We live at the edge of a woodland and these grow in our lawn. You can imagine my delight when I discovered these during my first spring living in our home!
{English Daisies, 2010}
I planted these at the base of the birdbath and right in front of my studio window. They are so cute!
{Oliver and Moss, 2010)
Oliver loves to rub his paws on the moss that is growing on some rotting wood!
{Lichen on a Mulberry tree, 2010}
Ok, so this isn't exactly a flower, but its beautiful! It looks like some miniature coral!
{Bluebells, 2010}
I transplanted a few of these from the abundance in the woods behind the house. They are native to Iowa and do well in our shady back yard.
{Ferns, 2010}
The way ferns unfurl as they come out of the ground is so magical. I love having ferns in my yard.


Workhorse said...

ugh! that lichen on the mulberry tree looks SICK

Candace Trew Camling said...

dude, I think its pretty!

Workhorse said...

it looks like a disease - which, is pretty cool now that I think about it. but pretty? i dunno

Diana Evans said...

oh these are wonderful photos Candace!!! and your watercolors look fantastic!!! Spring is finally here!!!

p.s. I joined that site....HAI....I hope it brings me more business...

Thanks for the tip!

Lisa M Griffin said...

beautiful photos Candace. LOVE the cat paw with moss on a log. thanks for sharing.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Candace you have just knocked my socks off once again with this fresh springtime post!!! It's beautiful! I love each and every picture! How fabulous! Great illustrations too. I love the birds in your previous post. You are masterful at what you do!!

Lisa Graves said...

These photos are fab Candance! I was thinking of going out tomorrow with my camera to take pics of all the things blooming in my yard! I have such a brown thumb, but I'm amazed at what pops up every spring!

Anonymous said...

It's so green and blossoming in Des Moines right now.