Thursday, February 11, 2010

Barbershop Quartet Illustration

{Oil on Board and Digital, 2010}
{Oil on Board, 2010}
I just finished this piece last night and added some details to the background today. I decided to post both pieces so that it is easier to see what parts are digital. Certain elements are just simpler to add digitally. The rays in the background are straight lines that would have taken a long time to paint. The sheet music would have been a nightmare to add in with oil. Instead, I used a piece of antique sheet music that I got at a garage sale for 10 cents last summer! Now, onto the next piece of unfinished art from November and December of 2009!


Jennifer said...

Love it!!! Your pieces are always so whimsical :)

Tilen ~ artplanet said...

lovely painting! interesting hats :)